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Meet Our Team

Harmony World Magazine is an online website where teenagers from around the world can write about anything and everything music. Here at Harmony World, our mission is to provide a safe and accessible space for any teenager to share their love of music with the world. Our team is made up of New York based high schoolers who are passionate about music and dedicated to learning about as many aspects of music as possible.
India Yeoh
Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief
Hi! I'm India, and I'm a high school junior living in New York City. I've been playing piano since I was 5 years old, and recently I've started learning how to play guitar. I also love to sing and write songs, and one of my favorite things to do is perform at a monthly open mic and jam out with other talented musicians around the city. I also listen to many different genres, ranging from alternative rock to indie-pop, and creating and organizing my Spotify playlists is something I like to do in my free time. I love discovering new aspects of music, and I co-founded Harmony World in order to give teenagers like me a safe space to share their experiences with all kinds of music. When I'm not doing anything musical, you can find me exploring the city or eating ice cream. I hope you love the stories here at Harmony World as much as I do!
Hridmita Hasan
Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief
Hey guys, I’m Hridmita! I’m a junior in high school and a fellow co-founder/editor-in-chief here at Harmony World! With a varying taste from The Weeknd to Bad Bunny to ZAYN to The Neighbourhood, I listen to just about anything and everything, spending an average of anywhere between three to ten hours every single day listening to music. My favorite genre hands down would have to be R&B. As a South-Asian Muslim, you can find that my Spotify often features playlists and songs full of cultural tunes in Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic. Since the 8th grade, I've also been moderately teaching myself how to play the keyboard! In my free time, I love to cook/upload to my foodgram, dance/choreograph, skateboard, work on some art, or even pick up a good book! I’m so excited to see where Harmony World takes all of us :)
Jenelle Burgess
Hello! I’m Jenelle and I’m a junior at Hunter College High School. Ive been singing annoyingly loudly around my house for as long as I can remember, and I started playing piano and writing very bad sad songs when I was four. These days, I can also “play,” in the most subjective sense of the word, guitar and ukulele, and I still write copious amounts of sad songs (I believe the current count is at around 600), though I would hope a lot less badly than when I was four. I absolutely love performing, am always looking for new song ideas, listen to a little of everything, and will ramble on about music for just about as long as you let me.
Amelia Heilbronn
Hello! I’m Amelia Heilbronn and I’m a highschool junior in NYC. I play guitar and a little bit of drums, and I also dabble in songwriting. I love learning new genres of music and just exploring all of the incredible aspects of the music world. I am super excited to be an editor for Harmony World and can't wait to help curate a place where teens can explore and express themselves through music and writing. My other interests include volleyball, photography, science and activism. Thanks for reading Harmony World and I hope you enjoy!
Matt Melucci
Hi! I’m Matt Melucci, a highschool junior at Stuyvesant High School in NYC. I’ve been playing classical piano for over 11 years now, though I also enjoy playing jazz piano and pop songs. I play a bit of trumpet and bass, and I like to explore different aspects of advanced music theory and harmony. Besides my musical interests, I enjoy playing soccer, taking photos, and volunteering to assist communities in New York City. I’m enthusiastic about being part of a platform such as Harmony World, which allows teens all over the world to share their common interest in music!
Kushal Sahabir
Hi! My name’s Kushal Sahabir (you can call me Kush) and I’m a high school junior at Bronx Science! Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by music with my dad and brother both Hindustani Classical singers so naturally I followed in their footsteps as young as 5 years old. As a tabla player, I’m constantly discovering new things about the beautiful rhythms that exist everywhere, as well as trying to expand my music taste beyond my own culture. I believe working as an editor with Harmony World is only another way my love for music and the hidden beauties it contains can be expressed and I hope you, as the reader, will be able to see that too.
Chris Chen
Hi, I’m Chris! I’m a high school junior from New York CityI’m open to listening to any type of music, regardless of the language, genre, style, or artist, and I’ve been listening to music ever since I could remember it being in my life. I love listening to new songs and albums from artists I’m unfamiliar with and discovering new artists whose music I enjoy listening to in my free time. My other interests span from art and writing to reading and playing sports. I’m excited to be part of the Harmony World Mag team, and I hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!
Staff Writer
Hello! I'm Matt Tobin and I am a sophomore from Orangetown, New York. I play the bagpipes and music has been a special passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Variation is the spice of life, so I enjoy trying new music, and I find the nuances of different genres to be especially interesting. I'm excited to share this enthusiasm with Harmony World!Hi, I'm Gaang, I'm a junior at Hunter in NYC. I enjoy listening to depressing music and rap, but I will listen to and criticize anything if you recommend it to me. In terms of musical experience, I've been playing the violin for about ten years, so I can appreciate classical music just as much as Kanye West.  Thanks for reading :)
Matt Tobin
Gaang Choi
Staff Writer
Hi, I'm Gaang, I'm a junior at Hunter in NYC. I enjoy listening to depressing music and rap, but I will listen to and criticize anything if you recommend it to me. In terms of musical experience, I've been playing the violin for about ten years, so I can appreciate classical music just as much as Kanye West.  Thanks for reading :)
Wesley Nielsen
Staff Writer
My name is Wesley Nielsen, and I am from New York City. Shout out to India and Hridmita for creating this awesome project. I’ve played the piano for a bunch of years. Personally, I think music is pretty interesting, and I look forward to sharing that enthusiasm with Harmony World.
Anabelle Sole
Staff Writer
Hi, I’m Clarissa—a junior at Hunter College High School. I listen to a bit of music from all genres, but my favorites are probably folk and indie pop, or anything sad-acoustic. I (somewhat poorly) sing and play guitar and ukulele, and I spend basically every waking hour listening to music. I could probably rant about music indefinitely, so I’m thrilled to be a part of Harmony World. Thank you for reading <3
Ian Heft
Staff Writer
Hey, my name is Ian and I'm a Junior at Hunter College High School. Raised on a blend of classic rock and pop, I've expanded my music tastes to include just about every genre. Whether it be Pink Floyd or Trippie Redd, Lana Del Rey or The Beastie Boys, I am always happy to listen and critique just about anything. In my free time, I also play both acoustic and electric guitar. 
Rodshi Chowdhury
Staff Writer
Hey! I'm Rodshi Chowdhury but you can call me rod :) I'm a senior at Uniondale highschool. My favorite genre of music is R&B but I'm not picky. I listen to everything! From a young age, music has always had a huge impact on me. My parents influenced my music taste a lot. I grew up listening to Micheal Jackson, Shakira, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Adele because my parents would blast it in the car. I've also been in choir for about 8 years now. Singing on stage always gives me a feeling of exhilaration. Sure it's a little nerve-racking but I feel like I'm on cloud 9 afterward. I think that's it for now :) I hope you have as much fun reading these articles as I do!
Anabelle Sole
Staff Writer
Hi! I'm Annabelle and I'm a senior in high school in New York City. My instrumental talents are very limited but I love all kinds of music, from pop-punk to indie to r&b and everything in between. Going to shows is my favorite thing ever and I'm so excited to see so many artists when the pandemic is over. I love to talk about and recommend new music, so I'm super excited to write for Harmony World! 
Alex Chen
Artwork/Graphic Design
Hey, I’m Alex, a high school sophomore from Hunter College High School! Music has always been a huge part of my life, and I’m both a classically trained pianist and an avid country music fan. Graphic design is (unironically) my passion and I love telling stories with my artwork! I’m so excited to create graphics for Harmony Magazine and combine that passion with my love of music. If I’m not designing or jamming out to some Sturgill Simpson, you can find me gaming or taking a long nap.
Sophie Cheng
Artwork/Graphic Design
Hello, my name is Sophie Cheng and I’m a freshman at Hunter College High School! Ever since I started playing violin when I was 3, I’ve always had a love for music of all kinds. Nowadays, I find myself listening to a fair share of Latin pop, Asian pop, R&B, and disco. Some of my pastimes include painting, listening to music, and discovering great stories, be it in the form of a comic, book, movie, or song.
ryan n kaleb shit 11-8-26_edited.jpg
Raeeda Rahman
Artwork/Graphic Design
Hi! My name is Raeeda Rahman, and I’m currently a senior at Centereach High School in Long Island, New York. Music has always been extremely important to me throughout my whole life and my music tastes changed when I did. Being involved in the orchestra for 8 years has grown my passion and understanding for music, and eventually led me to branch out to learn different instruments like the piano. Music is also one of my biggest inspirations and motivations when it comes to creating art. I love all types of music, but you can mostly find me listening to R&B, Rap, K-Pop, and Lo-fi :) I look forward to creating artwork for all these talented writers in Harmony World!!

Contributing Writers

Leesha Pilla ON, Canada

Christopher Lall NYC, New York

Elizabeth Lai NYC, New York

Avick Malo NYC, New York

Mehr Sahni NYC, New York

Aaliyah Kessler Schlieren, Switzerland

Lucia Roca Tampa, Florida

Maggie Woods Natick, Massachussets

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